Lukman Multimedia is a telecommunications operator providing Internet access, digital TV, digital telephone, datacenter services, dedicated servers and other telecommunications services. The company operates in Poland in its capital city of Warsaw and in other provinces of Mazovia voivodship as well as in the Lublin voivodship. With its dedicated server unit it is expanding worldwide. It has customers in 14 countries.Lukman handles about 14 thousand. households and nearly one thousand of companies.


Historically, the company comes from the city of Lukow, hence the name which was created from the merger of the LUK abbreviation (of LUKow) and of the he English acronym MAN (eng. Metropolitan Area Network). Originally, the company focused on providing services to private customers in Lukow and the surrounding area. Since 2009, Lukman opened its branch in Warsaw and has begun a strong expansion in the market for business services. It has acquired many well-known clients including many major telecommunications operators and public institutions.

Lukman network

Lukman Multimedia has its own fiber optic network and offices in the following cities: Warsaw, Lukow, Minsk Mazowiecki, Radzyn Podlaski, Zbuczyn and in addition fiber optic networks in cities of Siedlce and Garwolin. The radio network of Lukman consists of thousands of telecommunication transmitters and of 300 steel lattice masts located in the eastern and northern Mazovia and in the Lublin voivodship.

Offer for individuals

  • fiber optic and radio technology
  • broadband access to Internet
  • TV in the digital and in the analog technology
  • digital telephony
  • Offer for business and institutional customers

  • Internet access in the operator-class standard
  • data transmission services
  • colocation of client devices
  • leasing of antenna space
  • custom construction of telecommunication networks in the fiber-optic and radio technologies
  • comprehensive IT solutions
  • phone services
  • management and maintenance of telephone exchanges
  • construction and sale of telecommunication masts and ducts
  • Lukman quality

    Since its inception, the company has made great efforts to constantly improve the quality of its services. The basic tools to ensure the highest quality of service are:
  • The network of HELPDESK technical support offices for individual customers
  • The unit NOC, in English NIGHT (eng. Network Operations Center) open around the clock, 365 days a year to support business customers (support in Polish and English).
  • Telephone evaluation questionnaires addressed to individual customers aimed at controlling the quality of service
  • external audits
  • Continuous expansion of the fiber-optic network
  • constant upgrading of technology.

  • Lukman data and address

    Lukman Multimedia Sp. z o.o.
    00-378 Warszawa ul. Leszno 14
    REGON: 060530228 | NIP: 8252134129 | KRS: 0000342749
    email: and
    tel.(+48) 22 438 66 60