Lukman owns a modern data center in the center of Warsaw, at Piękna Street. It has following important continuity and security features:


The air conditioning of the data center consists of three systems:
  • Cooling based on ground-based heat exchangers: the cooling installation is 1.5 meters below the ground level.
  • Cooling based on water heat exchangers (heat is transferred to the neighboring building)
  • Ventilation and blowing of filtered air combined with the standard air conditioning (as an emergency system).
  • Power supply

  • The data center has a 230V three-phase installation in the form of two independent loops of 80kW. Our location is in this respect very beneficial, because the data center meets the wall of the building with the main switching station for the entire District of Warsaw Downtown owned by RWE Stoen, the energy provider for Warsaw. The emergency power supply is based on the system of technical cabinets with UPS.
  • Monitoring, security

  • Monitoring is accomplished using IP cameras. The cameras record the image based on motion sensors.
  • Fire extinguishing

  • Extinguishing system is based on portable halon fire extinguishers, as a guard is on duty 24 hours, 7 days.
  • Fiber optic/interconnects

    The data center has several points of contact in Warsaw , including:
  • Piękna Street 11( (Netia, Stoen, Exatel, BT, ATM, etc.): (72 J)
  • TEL NAP network (144J)
  • TEL TEAM network (144J)
  • Marriott LIM (96J).